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If you’re planning a construction project for your home or business, one of the most important decisions to make is determining what types of construction services you need. Once you do, you can go about finding the right construction services company to provide them. Use the directory below to find highly rated construction companies near you. To see only BBB Accredited Businesses, use the filter. 

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Steve Seiler Construction, Inc.

Construction Services

(316) 540-3262

PO Box 711,
Cheney, KS 67025-0711

2.1 mi

Rosenhagen Sales & Construction

Construction Services, Home Builders, Home Improvement ...

(316) 542-0302

204 S Marshall St,
Cheney, KS 67025-8662

2.2 mi

Mighty Clean Remodeling

Remodel Contractors, Construction Services, Handyman ...

(316) 744-8844

Cheney, KS 67025

3.7 mi


Flint Rock Construction

Construction Services, Painting Contractors, Tree Service ...

(316) 712-7001

1830 S 343rd St W,
Cheney, KS 67025-8843

4.4 mi


B & R Construction, Inc.

Construction Services, Roofing Contractors, Siding Contractors ...

(316) 651-5937

1665 N 391st St W,
Cheney, KS 67025-9093

4.5 mi

Quality Custom Construction

Construction Services

(316) 765-5118

3522 S 339th St W,
Cheney, KS 67025-9131

4.7 mi


Dwayne Haukap Construction

Construction Services

(316) 516-7504

30166 W 23rd St S,
Garden Plain, KS 67050

6.9 mi

Design One Contractors, LLC

Basement Waterproofing, Roofing Contractors, General Contractor ...

(316) 393-8130

PO Box 177,
Garden Plain, KS 67050-0177

7.3 mi


E.H. Henry Company, Inc.

General Contractor, Roofing Contractors, Construction Services ...

(316) 263-3175

5460 S 263rd St W,
Garden Plain, KS 67050-8700

10.1 mi


Quality Construction and Remodeling

Construction Services

(316) 794-2825

23530 W 47th St S,
Goddard, KS 67052-8205

11.3 mi

Dave's Improvements, Inc.

Remodel Contractors, Roofing Contractors, General Contractor ...

(316) 312-2177

21733 W 23rd St S,
Goddard, KS 67052-8969

12 mi


David Garden Construction Company

Construction Services

(316) 794-8067

2728 S 215th St W,
Goddard, KS 67052-8980

12.2 mi


Midwest Building Supply, Inc.

Building Materials, Construction Services

(316) 794-2112

201 E. 6th St. Cir.,
Goddard, KS 67052

12.5 mi

Midwest Building Supply, Inc.

Building Materials, Construction Services

(316) 794-2112

PO Box 567,
Goddard, KS 67052-0567

12.5 mi

Penner Construction, Inc.

Construction Services, Home Improvement, Bathroom Remodel ...

(316) 841-0280

Goddard, KS 67052

12.7 mi


More Information on Choosing a Construction Service

Construction services can include everything from design to project management, and from pre-planning to execution. The company will cover things like getting permits, hiring subcontractors, and scheduling inspections. The staff you will deal with at a construction services company may include contractors, architects, builders, and other professionals.


The construction industry is vast and choosing a construction services company can seem overwhelming. The first thing to do is plan out the scope of your project and make sure you can describe it well. The clearer your vision, the more accurate information and estimates you can get.


Here are some things to investigate and to ask about to help you get started:


  • Ask friends and family for references. Talk to people who had similar construction projects and find out who they used when they needed construction services. If you don’t have personal references, when you talk to a company ask to speak to clients they’ve worked with so you can learn about their experiences.
  • Make sure the company you are considering is licensed and insured. This will give you some peace of mind that they can handle your job professionally and that you will be covered if there are any problems with the work. You should also ask about the experience of the people you’ll be working with and how long the company has been in business.
  • Ask to see examples of projects they have done which are similar to yours.
  • Ask for a project timeline. The company should be able to give you a timeline with milestones along the way. Compare timelines from different companies and make sure they make sense. If it seems too good or quick to be true, it probably is.
  • Get at least three estimates for the work you need to get done and get them in writing. The lowest estimate won’t always be the best one, but price is definitely a big factor.
  • Don’t pay for the entire project upfront. Make sure you only pay a down payment and don’t complete payment until your project is done to your satisfaction.
  • Always read the contract carefully and don’t sign anything that has blank spaces or pages.